Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing


In the late summer of 2004, Emergen-C wanted to reach as many consumers as possible with their 1000 mg Vitamin C packets. Though Emergen-C had widespread brand recognition, it was known as more of a “Cold & Cough” seasonal product.

Emergen-C wanted consumers to be thinking about taking Emergen-C to boost “every day immunity”, and also to educate the athletic consumer about the benefits of B-Vitamins for energy and pre/post workout.  

Our Work With Emergen-C, by the numbers.







Our Approach


Turn-Key assembled and extensively trained a team of 36 Brand Ambassadors (plus backups!) in 9 major markets, including Boston, New York, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, SF, LA, Portland & Seattle.  We branded a van with Emergen-C graphics and leapfrogged the vehicle from one market to the next. Turn-Key teams wore bright, bold Emergen-C shirts and branded sampling backpacks that could hold 300-500 packets at a time, allowing our team to get on foot and educate consumers face-to-face about Emergen-C’s many uses and benefits. The program targeted 30–55 year old professionals in upscale areas across the country, both in financial districts and suburbs where they worked, and at gyms, farmers markets, and festivals where they play!  Special focus was spent sampling to “active lifestylers” to talk up the benefits of B-Vitamins.


Our team handed out just under 1,000,0000 Emergen-C packets (100,000 packets per city) in 9 cities over a 9-week period!

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