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The Turn-Key Creed

Here at Turn-Key, we do business the right way. The one that is led by integrity, passion, and raw determination. Not the path of least resistance. We choose gratitude over greed every single time.
We take pride in our work. If there is a mistake, we learn from it and make it better. We own our flaws and always try to improve, showing grace to others who are doing the same. And we strive to be the very best at what we do.

We care. We make our environment a priority instead of an afterthought. We prioritize our employees as fellow humans and don’t take advantage of them. We share our companies’ stories, not their stocks. We lead by example.

And at the end of the day, we may be ninja road warriors, desk jockeys, and master project managers, but we are also kind, optimistic, and perseverant equals. At the end of the day, we work together to solve problems and become better beings. At the end of the day, we have a net positive influence on the world around us. And we measure our success by the positive impact we have on consumers, the lack of impact we have on mother earth, and our Clients’ growth. We are the Turn-Key family. This is what we strive for. It’s who we are.

Who We Are

We are a socially conscious agency based in Corvallis, Oregon with a dedication to details. Proudly comprised of over 200 field staff in over 50 US markets in 22 states, all staff are W-2 employees, not 1099 contractors. Our in-house recruiting and HR team follow a proven internal process for recruiting and onboarding great talent. 

At Turn-Key, training is paramount. We prepare our staff with everything they need in the field and work with our Clients to provide comprehensive brand and product training so our ambassadors represent brands as if they were their own. We pride ourselves on retaining quality staff and holding them accountable to our uncompromising Turn-Key standards. 

Kirstin Everard


If you were a superhero what would your name and power be?

"Captain DoEverything"! I would have the speed, efficiency, accuracy and time-mastery to fit everything I want to do into my days. I'd have to be lightning fast, but I would also have the time-bending power to equally "sink in" and enjoy every moment.
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Brigitte Shaw​


What are the “hats” that you wear at work?

The hat I’m most proud of is my support for my colleagues, clients and field staff.
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Sarah Johnson​


If you were a superhero what would your name and power be?

Captain Steadfast; keeping the ship on course, even in crazy weather and the busy season!
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Linda Standeven

Director of Finance

If you were a superhero what would your name and power be?

I'd be Money Mama! I’m able to create complex spreadsheets at lightning speed. Never any errors!
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Jacquie Gartzka​ Scott


Is there a fun fact that no one knows?

I was the Montana Junior All Events Champion in Bowling two years in a row. My mom still has the trophies to prove it!
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Shelly Blades Hastings

Manager National Accounts and Social Media

If you were a character on TV who would you be and why?

Pam from The Office. She is shy, sensitive, smart, and has artistic inclinations. Many people view her as a more serious type, but she loves to laugh and be silly. She stays calm and keeps things moving when there is chaos around her.
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Terra Champney

Manager National Accounts

If you were a character on TV who would you be and why?

I would be Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. I am super community oriented, have tons of hobbies, and am a bit nerdy. Just like Leslie, I am an eternal optimist with a can-do attitude. And we both love waffles!
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Kelsey Donahue


If you were a superhero what would your name and power be?

I would be the Speedster and would be able to speed through tasks, mundane and otherwise, at an accelerated rate.
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Kelsey McDonald

Campaign & Production Coordinator

What are the “hats” that you wear at work?

Like everyone else at Turn-Key, there are many! I serve as a production coordinator, client manager, and lead coordinator on quite a few major demos. I also coordinate my share of events and guerrilla for all of our clients!
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Chance Rey

Logistics Coordinator

What are the “hats” that you wear at work?

I’m the logistics guy, so I get to wear nearly every hat there is at Turn-Key. From fireman, mailman and artist, to air traffic controller, truck driver and food show host, there’s nothing I can’t do!
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Teena Yates

Logistics Supply & Warehouse Coordinator

If you were a superhero what would your name and power be?

The Warehouse Falcon. I use my flying powers to wrap pallets quicker than lighting, with a bird’s eye view on all product and inventory.
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Denice Huber

Executive assistant

Is there a fun fact that no one knows?

I once made a living as a Tap Dancer. It was as fun as it sounds.
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Harrison Edwards

Marketing & Staffing Associate

Is there a fun fact that no one knows?

I am a huge NFL and NBA fan, Go Blazers!
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Robyn Scott


If you were a superhero what would your name and power be?

Horse Whisperer - the keen ability to listen, even when I'm not being spoken to.
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Cody Farnes


If you were a character on TV who would you be and why?

I like to consider myself a bit of Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. On the surface clean-cut and seemingly predictable, but underneath there’s significant depth to his personality.
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Field Managers

Our Field Managers are our link to the daily operations across the country. They travel to every one of our Guerrilla and Event activations to ensure flawless, Turn-Key execution.They provide supervision and guidance for each of our detail-focused promotions, sampling, and guerrilla marketing experiences. 

Tamara Botkin

Atlanta, GA

Ernesto Guzman Balderas

Los Angeles, CA

Brian Butcher

Seattle, WA

Ashley Creger

Minneapolis, MN

Ricardo Ramos-Elorduy

San Diego, CA

Ryan Holmes

Tampa, FL

Heather Martin

Boston, MA

Troy Nguyen

Charlotte, NC

Connor Peters

Orlando, FL

Michelle Poole

Portland, OR

Wendy Rockett

Phoenix, AZ

Mark Schmelz

New Jersey/New York

Angela Willing

Chicago, IL

Nationwide and Select Canadian Markets

Turn-Key Service Areas

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