Why we give back.

Here at Turn-Key we focus on the intricate details that make up the bigger picture. Our unwavering belief in bettering our world through everyday practices drives us to consider people and the planet in every decision we make. We are proud to work with companies who align with our values, and who provide innovative, healthy and sustainable products. Giving back to our community speaks to our core principles and feeds our passion to further improve the world around us.


Proud to be a B Corp

We are the first experiential sampling agency in the country to be granted a B Corp certification in 2015. We are proud to be part of a growing collective of companies who believe that for-profit businesses should be a force for good.



We believe we can change the world by influencing consumer demand. Our vision is to evolve the food system by educating consumers about health, nutrition and sustainability, and encouraging them to vote with their dollar.

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From funding urban farming internships to sponsoring school grants to further health-focused initiatives, we grow our community by helping others succeed.



We have built our reputation on a solid foundation of enthusiasm, ethical business practices and integrity. We never cut corners or sacrifice quality with our clients, employees or vendor partners. It's the way that business should be.

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We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Funding initiatives such as Farm Stay USA, Urban Farm paid internships, and Healthy Eating programs at local schools, we strive to make a difference in our community. 

Here are some programs Turn-Key has funded:

Urban Farm Paid Summer Internships

The Urban Farm in Corvallis helps students who have been unsuccessful in traditional high schools continue their education to graduation, through hands- on experiences. Students have the opportunity to run a farm, from site planning and plant propagation to tending, harvesting and taking crops to market. The students develop real life farm-business experience through working the land, networking with local farmers, running a farm stand and more. In our first year of supporting this program, our Turn-Key grant money provided summer wages for freshman & sophomores for watering & maintaining the farm.

New Farm Stand Booth for College Hill Alternative High School’s Urban Farm

In year 2, our Turn-Key Coordinators went into the classroom and worked with the students to design and produce a new farm stand booth and assisted with developing their marketing materials, including back walls, tent canopy and table covers. We used the students’ photography and vision to come up with an enticing design to help draw in customers and boost sales & recognition of their farm stand.

Garfield Dual-Immersion Elementary School Pedal Powered Electrical Generator

Mr. Inman, popular science teacher and head of the "Green Gecko Club" applied for a grant to purchase a pedal powered-generator. As a bilingual school, Garfield Elementary focuses on experiential learning and is less reliant on abstract and linguistic explanations. Kids rode the bike to power a generator to help relate the big ideas of energy use and conservation. Students pedaled the bike, which has its rear wheel connected to an alternator and digital display, to discover how many kilowatts it takes to power everyday objects. The kids were thrilled to power a TV, lamp, phone charger and more. The bike unit is now shared between schools in the Willamette Valley.

Farm Stay USA

Scottie Jones, a local sheep farm owner since 2006, is a local hero to the Turn-Key family. In an effort to keep her farm afloat during tough times, Scottie started hosting guests at her farm, and later started Farm Stay USA, the nation’s first socially interactive, searchable website and community of the best authentic farm and ranch vacation destinations across America.

Scottie started Farm Stay USA with the hopes of providing an economic, educational, and spiritual bridge for rural and urban Americans eager to renew a healthier food and farm system, and access to memorable and wonderful guest experiences. Turn-Key did pro-bono work in producing a marketing presentation template and marketing plan for the board. We also worked with Scottie and our awesome graphic artist, Valerie Oesterling to create a super cute & totally inviting 5’ x 5’ foot tent, complete with photo sidewalls and table covers. Farm stay will be visiting farmer’s markets and events as a way to promote their farmer-members.

Mountain View Elementary School Indoor Tower Garden

Ms. Black, an exuberant 4th grade teacher at Mountain View Elementary, wanted a 6 ft tower garden in her classroom to incorporate biology and botany principles in her curriculum, from seeding and watering to photosynthesis and nutrition. Turn-Key funded her grant to purchase an indoor tower garden. The kids learned planting, trimming, and harvesting skills throughout the year, and had regular classroom "salad parties" and invited Turn-Key to join them on a celebratory spring day.

Food System Symposium Grant at Muddy Creek Charter School

3rd/4th grade teacher Chris O'Connell arrived at Muddy Creek Charter School with a passion for their "place-based learning" model. Turn-Key provided Mr. O'Connell with a budget to take students on 5 field trips and activities, with a focus on exploring the local food systems of the Willamette Valley. Students went on a tour of Gathering Together Farms & enjoyed a farm to table meal afterwards. They also took a trip to an historic flour mill and had Oregon State University nutrition students teach a cooking and nutrition class. The final activity was a "tasting table" where students were challenged to use local ingredients and share a cultural/favorite dish from their family in which the students gave out 2000 samples!

Monthly Cooking and Nutrition Programs at Local Elementary Schools

Turn-Key was proud to fund monthly cooking and nutrition classes for 15 classrooms at local schools. The monthly hands-on cooking and nutrition classes taught students to prepare and eat healthy foods and encouraged children to eat more fruits and vegetables. Each month, the program offered an interactive food and nutrition lesson featuring a different Oregon fruit or vegetable.