Consumer Events

Engaging target audiences directly at music festivals, health & fitness events, community festivals, and ski resort sampling, our trained staff expertly showcase your brand.​

Mobile Sampling Tours

Send your product on the road with a branded vehicle and dedicated full-time team! We get your product into the hands of targeted consumers in key geographic areas by integrating events, guerrilla and demos.

Guerrilla Marketing

Teams sample at busy events and hotspots as well as incorporating product drops at local businesses. We aim to reach both consumers and the influencers in the community who will recommend your product to their friends and clients.

Costco Roadshows

Let's face it: you only have one shot at landing and maintaining a valued Costco account. Costco Road Shows allow brands to create an interactive “pop up” experience in a small space at selected warehouses, during very specific time periods.

In-Store Demos

By developing relationships and crafting a unique experience, our well-trained teams create brand loyalty and product awareness.


We help companies use their internal resources to come up with a strategy, campaign outline and budget, and plan for getting set up with the proper vendors to ensure success, whatever your goals.

Event Marketing Programs

With over 60 years of combined experience in event preparation and execution, we know how to make your brand stand out. Our primary goal is setting the perfect stage to share your company’s unique story with thousands of people at each event.

Connect with your key demographic at music festivals, health & fitness events, tournaments, and local festivals.

Events Lists

We research and provide customized lists of tried-and-true possible events that target your preferred demographic and regions. We also provide event suggestions based on how many people you want to connect with and how you expect those connections to happen, i.e. if you would rather attend large events with a lot of exposure and sampling or smaller events that allow our team the time to have conversations and connect with consumers.


From sourcing and negotiation of event sponsorships to ensuring premium booth locations, our team makes sure that your presence at each event gives you the best visibility for your investment. We also facilitate cross promotions with the venue and other vendors as well as VIP and secondary sampling opportunities.


Don’t worry about the details! Our team of expert coordinators handle everything for each event, from shipping logistics for your event items to health permits, staffing, training, booth activities, and communication with the event producer. After each event, you receive a beautiful recap, complete with sampling data, consumer comments, and pictures that you can use for future marketing strategy or your social media outlets.

Your Team

Our staffing database has over 200 employees who have been carefully trained to do things the right way. They are passionate about the brands we represent and attend a thorough training on your brand and the event beforehand, so they are fully prepared to represent you and share your story to attendees. We also send one of our veteran Field Managers to each event to lead the team.


Our logistics team manages all shipping and storage logistics to ensure that the correct items are stored or shipped to where they need to be for each event. We handle all communication with the shipment carriers and third-party vendors, including show services at expos, additional enhancements like photo booths, and any other additions you want to make the event special.