Consumer Events

Engaging target audiences directly at music festivals, health & fitness events, community festivals, and ski resort sampling, our trained staff expertly showcase your brand.

Mobile Sampling Tours

Send your product on the road with a branded vehicle and dedicated full-time team! We get your product into the hands of targeted consumers in key geographic areas by integrating events, guerrilla and demos.

Guerrilla Marketing

Teams sample at busy events and hotspots as well as incorporating product drops at local businesses. We aim to reach both consumers and the influencers in the community who will recommend your product to their friends and clients.

Costco Roadshows

Let's face it: you only have one shot at landing and maintaining a valued Costco account. Costco Road Shows allow brands to create an interactive “pop up” experience in a small space at selected warehouses, during very specific time periods.

In-Store Demos

By developing relationships and crafting a unique experience, our well-trained teams create brand loyalty and product awareness.


We help companies use their internal resources to come up with a strategy, campaign outline and budget, and plan for getting set up with the proper vendors to ensure success, whatever your goals.

Guerrilla Sampling and LOHAS Product Drops

Our Turn-Key Coordinators are experts at LOHAS (“Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”) Sampling and Guerrilla Marketing campaigns. Our seasoned brand ambassadors will hit high foot traffic areas such as parks, farmers markets, and local events- getting your product into the hands of targeted consumers in retailer neighborhoods.

Create authentic interactions with locals in target regions through guerrilla sampling.


We create a daily itinerary that targets the busiest events, locations, and times of day in the most populated areas to make sure that we saturate your key demographic. Each guerrilla week comes complete with a backup plan and carefully routed schedule to ensure that our trained employees spend most of each day having conversations with people interested in your product.


Our LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) schedule targets businesses and storefronts that have influencers who are leaders in their respective communities. Our seasoned team gifts product to these businesses who then recommend and share it with other members of their community, from Crossfitters to yogis. Many businesses, particularly boutique gyms, will often request information about selling your product, which we then pass on to your team for future retail accounts.

Your Team

Each guerrilla week is completed by two to four friendly and outgoing local brand ambassadors we hand pick and personally train on your product and each week’s activation plan. They are led by one of our veteran Field Managers who are familiar with the brand and follow the schedule to sample to target consumers, achieving great results and many positive interactions with fewer resources than what is required for events or a full tour.


We cover every step, from rental and branding of cargo vans to in-market storage and receiving. We also work with your team to create branded uniforms and sampling assets including wagons, barrel coolers, rolling carts and more!