Consumer Events

Engaging target audiences directly at music festivals, health & fitness events, community festivals, and ski resort sampling, our trained staff expertly showcase your brand.

Mobile Sampling Tours

Send your product on the road with a branded vehicle and dedicated full-time team! We get your product into the hands of targeted consumers in key geographic areas by integrating events, guerrilla and demos.

Guerrilla Marketing

Teams sample at busy events and hotspots as well as incorporating product drops at local businesses. We aim to reach both consumers and the influencers in the community who will recommend your product to their friends and clients.

Costco Roadshows

Let's face it: you only have one shot at landing and maintaining a valued Costco account. Costco Road Shows allow brands to create an interactive “pop up” experience in a small space at selected warehouses, during very specific time periods.

In-Store Demos

By developing relationships and crafting a unique experience, our well-trained teams create brand loyalty and product awareness.


We help companies use their internal resources to come up with a strategy, campaign outline and budget, and plan for getting set up with the proper vendors to ensure success, whatever your goals.

Costco Road Shows

Our coordinators have managed successful Costco Road Shows for dozens of companies since 2000. Whether your product is already sold in Costco, or you want the opportunity to get a coveted rotation, a Road Show is an invaluable sales and marketing opportunity to reach, sample, and sell to 16,000 to 20,000 people each weekend, at each warehouse.

In many cases, sales offset the cost of the roadshow itself.

Try before you buy

At each Costco, we sample and sell 5-6 SKUs, increasing brand awareness and allowing consumers to sample numerous product options. Members then customize their own “mix-and-match” variety packs based on their favorite flavors.


We work with you to identify which warehouses to target, then we handle all of the details from coordination with the Costco regional buyers and individual warehouses to shipping logistics, staff training & assignments. After each activation, we provide you with a comprehensive recap, complete with data about sales, consumer comments, and pictures of the team sharing your product.

Your Team

We prepare your staffing teams through intensive training on sales best practices, product attributes, and sampling protocol. We administer Client-led brand training as well as in-house logistics training, customized videos, and post-training quizzes to ensure Staff fluency.


We collaborate with Clients to design a beautiful display, then take care of all aspects of each “event”: including the design and ordering of branded assets, staff apparel, and sampling equipment. We manage all shipping and execution logistics with 24/7 troubleshooting and support.