Consumer Events

Engaging target audiences directly at music festivals, health & fitness events, community festivals, and ski resort sampling, our trained staff expertly showcase your brand.

Mobile Sampling Tours

Send your product on the road with a branded vehicle and dedicated full-time team! We get your product into the hands of targeted consumers in key geographic areas by integrating events, guerrilla and demos.

Guerrilla Marketing

Teams sample at busy events and hotspots as well as incorporating product drops at local businesses. We aim to reach both consumers and the influencers in the community who will recommend your product to their friends and clients.

Costco Roadshows

Let's face it: you only have one shot at landing and maintaining a valued Costco account. Costco Road Shows allow brands to create an interactive “pop up” experience in a small space at selected warehouses, during very specific time periods.

In-Store Demos

By developing relationships and crafting a unique experience, our well-trained teams create brand loyalty and product awareness.


We help companies use their internal resources to come up with a strategy, campaign outline and budget, and plan for getting set up with the proper vendors to ensure success, whatever your goals.

Mobile Sampling Tours

Saturate target markets with a mobile sampling tour! Mobile Tours are customized to target key retailers and incorporate consumer events, in-store demos, LOHAS product drops, and guerrilla sampling–distributing tens of thousands of samples and memorable brand impressions. Integrate with Social Media and your PR initiatives for enhanced ROI.

Engaging audiences in prime markets across the nation


Working with your goals for the tour, we craft a detailed monthly and daily itinerary for your dedicated and trained team. It comes complete with hand-picked routing for store drop-offs, guerrilla stops, in-store demos, and event presence. The team receives a schedule for each day, and you receive a recap complete with pictures, data, and consumer comments detailing each week of the tour.

Your Team

Our veteran Field Managers are passionate about our industry and have been working for Turn-Key for years. They are experts at leading teams and executing tours. In each region, we also hire local employees from our extensive staffing database who are trained on your brand and share your products within their communities.


From weekly calls between our coordinator and your staff to our weekend hotline and weekly recaps, we keep you in the loop through each step of the process and each region of the tour. The data we provide can be used for social media, future marketing initiatives, and tracking sales, providing a wealth of information about how we have promoted your brand and how you can adjust your approach to be even more successful for future marketing campaigns. 


Our team manages all shipping and storage logistics to ensure that the correct items are stored or shipped to where they need to be for each region. We also handle all communication with the shipment carriers and third-party vendors, from arranging branded apparel to branding the van and handling orders for collateral like coupons and swag.