Consumer Events

Engaging target audiences directly at music festivals, health & fitness events, community festivals, and ski resort sampling, our trained staff expertly showcase your brand.

Mobile Sampling Tours

Send your product on the road with a branded vehicle and dedicated full-time team! We get your product into the hands of targeted consumers in key geographic areas by integrating events, guerrilla and demos.

Guerrilla Marketing

Teams sample at busy events and hotspots as well as incorporating product drops at local businesses. We aim to reach both consumers and the influencers in the community who will recommend your product to their friends and clients.

Costco Roadshows

Let's face it: you only have one shot at landing and maintaining a valued Costco account. Costco Road Shows allow brands to create an interactive “pop up” experience in a small space at selected warehouses, during very specific time periods.

In-Store Demos

By developing relationships and crafting a unique experience, our well-trained teams create brand loyalty and product awareness.


We help companies use their internal resources to come up with a strategy, campaign outline and budget, and plan for getting set up with the proper vendors to ensure success, whatever your goals.

Ski Sampling

Reach customers directly on the slopes and expand your marketing program into the winter months! Turn-Key’s success in bringing natural & organic brands to ski mountain resorts creates engaging opportunities to interact with families, athletes, and upscale consumers.

Ski sampling gets your product on the slopes and in the hands of your target consumers.

Lifestyle Approach

Focusing on outdoor enthusiasts with high disposable incomes, and consumers geared towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, we’re able to increase brand awareness to an active, outdoor-loving demographic with ease.

Major Markets

Turn-Key Marketing works to get you on the mountain or in the resort village, in ski areas that are a short drive from the metropolitan markets of Boston, New York, Connecticut, Denver/Boulder, San Francisco, British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.


We source and coordinate major ski and snowboard events happening at select ski resorts nationwide. Special event opportunities abound over the holidays, Presidents’ weekend, spring break and even Earth Day! Most mountains have huge greening initiatives, so natural and Organic products companies are welcomed. Reach tens of thousands of consumers each weekend, from children just learning to ski, to millennials & families, to senior skiers! 

Logistics & Experience

Sampling various products in the snow and getting product and field teams up to the mountains is a big logistical feat.  Our highly-trained and motivated teams know what to do! Turn-Key staff authentically connect with these active consumers while they’re taking a break from the slopes—telling them where to find these products in their local stores, and even upselling products to the ski resorts themselves!