Mobile Sampling Tour

Mobile Sampling Tour


Pacific Foods has long been on the shelves in the soup aisle, but they wanted to be known for more than their Broths and Tomato Soups. In 2017, Pacific wanted to promote their Non-Dairy Beverages, Bone Broth and Creamy Soups in key markets in the West.

They wanted to drive trial and brand awareness about products that were in growing categories for the company. Pacific Foods had also refreshed & re-branded their logo and wanted to make sure that consumers could recognize the same, trusted brand on store shelves. Finally, Pacific hoped to educate consumers about their aseptic packaging and their expansive sustainability initiatives.

Our Work with Pacific Foods, by the numbers.







Our Approach


Turn-Key branded an extended cargo van with Pacific Foods products and imagery on all sides. Working with a local craftsman group, we created custom, sustainable wood booth assets that could be configured in multiple ways, whether in a store, at an event, or sampling on a street. Training is KEY, so Pacific Foods hosted our Tour Managers for a thorough training day and tour of the HQ and manufacturing facilities. Tour Managers went on tour across 5 US Cities in a branded, Pacific Foods van and did guerrilla marketing, exhibition at local events, in-store demos and LOHAS drops (LOHAS = Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) in every city. Local TK Brand Ambassadors worked with our Tour Managers to execute our multi-week activations. The team featured sampled products at opportune times,(i.e. almond milks in the morning, tomato soup at lunch, and bone broths to the fitness/Paleo crowd) and with every sample, we gave out $1.50 Off coupons and thousands of Free Product coupons. 


Turn-Key distributed over 142,000 samples in 19 weeks at stores, consumer events and on the streets. The Tour consisted of 20 event days, 50 guerrilla marketing days, 38 in-store demos and visits to 431 LOHAS doors i.e. yoga studios, health clubs, outdoor retailers, etc. 

Turn-Key concentrated its wide variety of sampling efforts around geo-targeted retailer neighborhoods. A varied demographic of people would see the branded van and come find where we were parked!  Turn-Key picked up the tab to purchase carbon offsetting for the duration of the tour. Our team directly engaged with consumers and store employees about the variety and versatility of all Pacific Foods products, while helping them discover their new favorites.

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