Consumer Events

Consumer Events


Manitoba Harvest was way ahead of the curve when it started growing, making and selling its own hemp products in 1998. Manitoba Harvest is an iconic brand whose foundation was built on selling & marketing their products to consumers through event marketing and participating at events & festivals. Early on, our founder, Kirstin Everard, met Manitoba Harvest’s founder, Mike Fata, while they were both exhibiting at Green Festivals. They shared a common love for hemp products, and the knowledge that authentic, face to face interactions provided an opportunity for sampling & consumer education –and ultimately, sales!

In 2013, Manitoba Harvest turned to Turn-Key Marketing to manage and execute some of their Consumer Events, knowing that Turn-Key would approach them with the same care and dedication as they would. They knew they didn’t have the bandwidth to continue sending out their own team members to work events and have long absences from their offices.

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Our Approach


Starting in 2014, Turn-Key Marketing worked with Manitoba Harvest to select events that would target specific audiences they wanted to reach. Many of these events were in venues that were difficult to get to and required extensive travel and shipping logistics that needed to be coordinated from event to event. Due to the many misconceptions at the time of Hemp Products, CBD and even Omega fatty acids, Manitoba wanted to implement an extensive training of Turn-Key Brand Ambassadors, providing the teams with all the tools they needed to connect with and sell to consumers. Turn-Key also worked with Manitoba Harvest to create new branded assets (tents, backwalls, table covers), to reflect branding and packaging changes. 



Over 3 years, Turn-Key managed 19 consumer events and festivals across North America for Manitoba Harvest. Turn-Key helped promote their “hero” product, Hemp Hearts, and also helped launch the introduction of their Hemp Pro protein powder line, Hemp Bites, and their brand new Hemp Bars. Turn-Key distributed (with love!) almost 700,000 samples to consumers, both through “live samples” and through passive samples (single serve sample packs) at Yoga festivals, green fests, music festivals, and snow sampling events nationwide.

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