In-Store Demos

In-Store Demos


In 2013, Coconut Bliss was looking for help with their national demo program, which they had been running internally since the company started.

With a devout customer following and products that require a high level of training & FAQ’s, Coconut Bliss was naturally concerned about turning over their demos to a 3rd party. They wanted to keep the high quality and integrity of demo execution, and maintain excellence in all store interactions.

Our Work With Coconut Bliss, by the numbers.







Our Approach


Bliss turned to Turn-Key’s full-service coordination and staffing for their in-store demos, and we’ve been running their national demo program ever since. We performed between 600-850 demos annually from 2013-2019, in 35 major markets nationwide. In-store sampling was done 6-8 months out of the year and timed to run when the products were on promotion at key retailers. We attended “special event” demos whenever possible, at Grand Openings, Fairs, Anniversary Celebrations ad other store events. We’ve partnered up to build a national network of highly trained, devoted Brand Ambassadors, and are working within the same CRM store database platform to synchronize our efforts.


Turn-Key has performed over 5,000 demos from 2013 to present, with many of the brand ambassadors staying with the program 5 years or more. The Turn-Key team continues to spread the word about Coconut Bliss and has handed out almost 1 million samples with love, to consumers nationwide.

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In-Store Demos

In-Store Demos

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