Costco Roadshows

Costco Roadshows


A favorite project from one of our early years (2005) was the opportunity to work with Amy’s Kitchen for their first foray into Club sales at Costco. Today, Costco makes up a healthy part of Amy’s frozen business. Amy’s wanted to break into select Costco Regions by doing an 8 warehouse Road Show with some new product offerings (pizzas, bowls, snacks and burritos). Amy’s also wanted to create some excitement and brand awareness around natural product offerings to a mainstream audience.

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Our Approach


Turn-Key coordinated 4-day Costco Roadshows at 8 different warehouses where shoppers could sample a myriad of Amy’s frozen meals & snacks, and “mix and match” their own 3-pack of Amy’s Products. Together with Amy’s, we created a customized booth display with Amy’s signature branding and a “home-cooked” feel.  We researched the best cookware to use to mass-prepare pizzas, snacks and burritos, optimize cook and turn times, and all sampling & merchandising logistics. As frozen freight is very specialized, we worked to create a seamless logistics plan with deliveries every Wednesday, and pickups every Monday, working with Costco Receiving to set up delivery appointments and frozen storage and electrical access during our 40-hour Road Shows. We created a fine oiled machine to keep up with the intense daily crowds of Costco members–because let’s face it, who says no to pizza samples?


Roadshow sales easily averaged $10,000 per week, enough to pay for our Road Show execution, and then some.  We interfaced with an average of 16,000 Costco Members per week, totaling over 128,000 people over 8 weeks. The Roadshow was a huge success, and Costco took on additional SKU’s of Amy’s into their regular rotation. We helped Amy’s Kitchen get the “Golden Ticket”!

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In-Store Demos

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