In-Store Demos

In-Store Demos


Aura Cacia wanted to invest in education at the retail store level to minimize the misinformation surrounding aromatherapy and essential oils. Even among consumers who use essential oils, there are many who don’t know how to use them safely and correctly.

Aura Cacia envisioned a meaningful, interactive DIY store experience for consumers to engage, smell, learn, mix and create custom household and body care products using their essential oils.

In order to do this successfully, they needed a partner who could provide a network of Brand Ambassadors who they could train extensively on the products, ingredients and benefits.

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Our Approach


Turn-Key partnered with Aura Cacia to create a network of highly trained BAs who could truly educate consumers about essential oils and carrier oils. Our BAs helped consumers create custom-made room mists, body sprays, body oils, body scrubs, roll-ons & carpet powders in a beautiful, DIY experience. Shoppers received coupons to purchase their own essential oils and brought home their DIY creations in sustainable, amber glass bottles.


This initial campaign was such a success with the stores and consumers alike that Turn-Key went on to perform over 2030 demos in 42 major markets from 2016-2019. Additionally, we incorporated the DIY demo format into Whole Foods’ official “Aromatherapy Week” in 2018 and 2019, performing over 150 demos in 7 days at key Whole Foods locations. To this day, we have retailers tell us how the Aura Cacia DIY events were some of the most successful and interactive demos their store has ever hosted. 

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