Guerrilla Marketing
LOHAS Sampling

Our Turn-Key Coordinators are experts at LOHAS ("Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability") Sampling and Guerrilla Marketing campaigns. Our seasoned Brand Ambassadors will aim to hit high foot traffic areas such as parks, Farmers Markets, and local events- getting your product into the hands of targeted consumers in select neighborhoods around key retailers, such as Whole Foods.

We will network with our contacts, as well as resource local LOHAS hot spots. The goal is to reach the 'influencers' in the community, like yoga instructors and personal trainers, who will recommend your product to their friends and Clients. LOHAS Sampling is an easy and cost-effective way to branch out your current marketing plan and to balance out your social media efforts at a local level and will always provide targeted and memorable outreach to the health minded consumer.

LOHAS sampling can supplement any campaign we manage for you- Clients may add a day of LOHAS sampling after a local event or alongside an in-store demo Campaign.

  • B-Line trike guerrilla marketing in Portland
  • Guayaki guerrilla at Sea Otter Classic
  • Pacific Foods LOHAS at yoga studio in Seattle
  • Surfers at Huntington Beach
  • Zevia LOHAS sampling at climbing gym
  • Go Mambo guerrilla at Rock 'n Roll Marathon
  • Emergen-C at Portland farmers market
  • B-Line trike sampling at PGE Park
  • Burlington Burton snowboards guerrilla
  • Guayaki guerrilla at Earth Day festival
  • Guerrilla at Earth Day festival
  • Nature's Gate at Bumbershoot Festival
  • LOHAS at lululemon
  • Go Mambo! in San Francisco